This lightweight hand held completely submersible power tool is specifically designed to remove biofouling without harming underlying surfacess, not even bottom paint. Remove barnacles and their stubborn calcification rings, tube worms, mussels, oysters, rust and slime. Safety use Waveblade on a variety of surfaces such as fiberglass, metal, wood, concrete, plastic or even inflatables. Perfect for outboards and running gear.


(1) Waveblade with 45' Cable
(1) 3" Flat Black Steel Blade
(1) 1" Flat Black  Steel Flat Chisel Blade
(2) Additional Foam Filters
(1) Safety Glasses
(1) Safety Gloves
(1) Waveblade Carry Bag


這款輕巧的手持式完全潛水電動工具專門設計用於消除生物污垢,而不會損害底層表面,甚至沒有底漆。 去除藤壺及其頑固的鈣化環,管蠕蟲,貽貝,牡蠣,銹和泥。 安全使用波形在各種表面,如玻璃纖維,金屬,木材,混凝土,塑料甚至充氣物品。 非常適合舷外和運行裝置。