It  allows to emphasize the warm tone of the teak thanks to its light pigmentation.

Durable teak protection against water, sun, chemicals and ultraviolet rays; So it delays the oxidation of the teak.

- Highly concentrated product.

- 1 liter is between 8 and 10 m2


Direction: Apply directly with a soft cloth or a brush. In order to saturate the support, a second layer can be applied when the former is completely dry.



保護柚木,防止水,太陽,化學品和紫外線; 所以它延遲了柚木的氧化。

- 高濃縮產品。

- 1升8至10平方米

使用方法:用軟布或刷子直接塗抹。 為了使載體飽和,當前者完全乾燥時可以施加第二層。

Matt Chem Marine Teak Oil Golden Glint Step 3/ 柚木保護油步驟3